A Public Repentance

By: John T. Earnest

In the name of Christ and in the presence of all, I publicly confess that the means with which I used to defend my people from the Jews’ malice were sinful, evil, un-Christian, and beyond all proportion of lawful defense. Instead of working tirelessly to expose the wickedness of the Jews in the hope of their repentance and God’s mercy upon the European peoples, I murdered a woman, maimed several others, and brought shame on the name of Christ. By God’s mercy through the help of fellow Christians, I now realize that I was duped and manipulated by the very forces I thought I was fighting against. Ignorance and good-intentions are no excuse before our Holy Father. I was deceived by master-manipulators only because I first deceived myself.

Only the blood of Christ applied through a meaningful public declaration of repentance can cover these sins. It is my hope that Christ’s mercy towards me encourages the victims to examine their own Christless lives—as this is the only form of restitution I am able to offer. Additionally, I apologize to my family for the suffering that I caused them.

It is my prayer that God will graciously grant me the opportunity to bring to light the Satanic criminals responsible for the degradation and destruction of Europe, Christian Civilization, and the rest of the world, in all purity and truth—just as Christ has graciously exposed my own sin for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

—John T. Earnest