Russell Orlando Courtier

Oregon State Penitentiary, OR Campaigns: National Socialist Russell Orlando Courtier, 42, of Oregon was found guilty of guilty of murder, second-degree intimidation and hit-and-run driving.  Mr. Courtier had an altercation with 10 y/o Larnell Bruce Jr. and […]

Jacob Mark Robards

FEDERAL CORRECTIONS COMPLEX - ALLENWOOD, PA Campaigns: Aryan Strikeforce , National Socialist Jacob Mark Robards, 44, of Allentown PA has been sentenced to 14 years in prison in a drugs-for-guns scheme.   They maintain that they were set up by the FBI. National […]

Matthew Paul Slatzer

FCI HAZELTON, WV Campaigns: National Socialist Matthew Paul Slatzer, 36, of Canton Ohio was arrested after attending a Covid rally holding a sign stating "Jews are the real plague."  He is a member of the National Socialist Movement.